Pegasus Bot
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Pricing in Pegasus ($PGS)

Each user wishing to avail the Pegasus bot service must pay fuel for the bot in Pegasus ($PGS). Users can purchase $PGS on supported exchange platforms and send them to the subscription address that the bot will provide.
Do you want to know what will happen to those $PGS? Check Fuel Program.

What are the different subscription options?

  • Priam subscription: 770 $PGS ✅ Access 50% of the bot automated trades.
  • Cecrops subscription: 1100 $PGS ✅ Access 100% of the bot automated trades. ✅ Stop loss automatically set by bot.
These prices correspond to the token launch price. They are subject to change depending on the price of the $PGS against the $USD.