Stealth Launch and Liquidity Pool Addition: The $PGS token launch takes the form of a stealth launch, where the liquidity pool is directly added to Uniswap V2 on the Arbitrum blockchain. This process happens without an upfront announcement to prevent excessive speculation and bot activity before the launch.

Blacklist Mode Activation: Immediately after the liquidity pool addition, the "blacklist mode" will be activated during 900 blocks (which takes about 60 seconds). This mode is designed to allow bots, a brief window of time to buy and sell $PGS tokens.

Limited Trading Period for Bots: During this short interval, which lasts approximately 60 seconds, bots are given the opportunity to engage in buying and selling $PGS tokens.

Blacklisting Bot Addresses: Once the initial trading window ends, the addresses of bots that participated in this phase are identified and blacklisted. These addresses are then restricted from conducting any further transactions involving $PGS tokens. This includes buying, selling, and transferring.

Tokens from Blacklisted Addresses: Tokens held by blacklisted addresses are considered "burned." This means that they are effectively removed from circulation and become unusable. This action prevents bots from accumulating tokens during the early phase and then potentially manipulating the market.

Purpose of Blacklist Mode: The primary purpose of the blacklist mode is to mitigate the impact of bots on the token's initial trading phase. By allowing a brief and controlled trading period for bots we create a level playing field where no entity has an undue advantage. The blacklisting of bot addresses ensures that their influence is neutralized, promoting a more organic price discovery and a fair distribution of tokens.

Additionally, this approach aligns with our project's commitment to fairness, transparency, and community support. It aims to protect early seed investors and the wider community from potential market manipulation often associated with bot activities during token launches.

The decision to channel the added liquidity from bots into the LP, without team access, reinforces the project's dedication to the project's decentralized and community-oriented values.

By combining the stealth launch approach, the limited trading period, and the subsequent blacklist, our project is taking a proactive stance against the challenges posed by bot-driven market manipulation, ultimately striving for a healthier and more equitable launch for the $PGS token.

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